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Cookies versus Biscuits

In honour of my family’s baking traditions, and to celebrate the good old Aussie biscuit, we’re launching an ‘Aussie Classics’ biscuit selection, to sit proudly alongside our signature shortbread selection. You can now fill the bikkie tin with a variety of Dark Choc Chip, Classic Shortbread, and the ever popular Anzac Biscuit.

Which brings me to an important discussion… When is a cookie not a cookie, but a biscuit? And visa versa?

I know you’ve spent hours mulling over this very topic, or have perhaps engaged in lengthy debates about which is correct. ( Ok, maybe that’s just me?! )

Well, wonder no more.

There is a difference, although a somewhat hazy one. It appears it depends largely on where in the world you live, or where you’re from.

In Australia, we have for many years followed the British tradition of referring to the small, crunchy and sweet treats baked on trays, as biscuits.

While across the Pacific, our friends in the US and Canada know them as cookies. However, and this is where it becomes complex, they also have ‘biscuits’. But not as we know them. They are very similar to small scones, can be sweet or savoury, and are often eaten as an accompaniment to a hot meal.

A ‘cookie’ in Australia and the UK, is typically larger, and softer or chewier than a biscuit. Whereas in North America, the term ‘cookie’ applies to both a soft and chewy, or a crisp and crunchy baked treat.

As a result of the increasing American influence on Australian culture over the years, Aussies have adopted the term ‘cookie’, and the two seem to have become interchangeable. Although I’m sure the humble biscuit will always be a part of our heritage. Think….Anzac biscuits, melting moments and gingernuts, to name a few.

When we we were choosing a name for our business, we decided on the ‘Redgum Cookie Company’, rather than ‘Biscuit Company’; Partly because it seemed to roll off the tongue better, but also because my other half hails from Canada, and ‘cookies’ have found a firm place in our everyday life and hearts.

Basically all that matters in the end, whether you choose to call it a cookie or a biscuit, is that it tastes delicious, and you can dunk it into a cup of tea.

I’ll choose an Anzac bikkie! What’s your favourite?



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