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Redgum Cookie Company

And so it begins..

Welcome to the Redgum Cookie Blog.

I’m so happy to finally compose this inaugural post!

I’ll firstly share how I’ve arrived at this point, before launching into the world of shortbread.

My name is Julie Fisher, and I am the proud owner, founder and basically ‘chief cook and bottle washer’ of the Redgum Cookie Company.

Redgum Cookies - Fresh From the Oven To You

What began as a lifelong passion for baking, culminated first into a hobby, and has now blossomed into a business. I grew up in Sydney, and have been fascinated with the art of baking since I was old enough to stir my mum’s chocolate chip biscuit batter with a wooden spoon, or observe her famous sponge mixture whir away in the trusty old Sunbeam Mixmaster.

I moved to the picturesque NSW Central Coast 30 years ago, and now embrace the coastal life, with my wonderful family and friends who have since become my official taste testers! My love of our surroundings, with the Brisbane Water National Park bordering our backyard, has inspired the use of native Aussie Bush flavours in my signature shortbread range.

I’m often asked “Why the name Redgum Cookie Company?” We are so fortunate to have our very own waterfall as part of this splendid backdrop, atop which sit some majestic redgum trees… hence the name.

Redgum Cookie Company
So that’s the past in a nutshell..  A brief history of my journey so far.

Now onto the present and what’s in store.

I’ve created this blog as a means to keep you dedicated shortbread, cookie and biscuit lovers up to date with the latest news from Redgum Cookies. In addition I hope to share any interesting articles or information I think you may enjoy, both from the world of baking, and some fun foodie tidbits.

I invite you to explore our website and online store, and don’t forget to visit our Facebook page to say “Hi”, and catch up on the latest Redgum updates.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any more information you may require, and I look forward to sharing some exciting news soon, about new products and flavours on the horizon.

Thank you!

Redgum Cookie Company Product Range

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